2022 Options Catalog

2022 Options Catalog

All standard features and materials shown in this catalog and the 2022 standard features catalog represent the type and value of the materials used and are subject to change based on available supply. We reserve the right to change the materials as necessary based on availability. Where materials do need to be changed, we will use like quality and grade of material with similar or better warranty protection.

Exterior Siding

Our exterior is wrapped in Kingspan Raindrop Exterior Moisture Barrier House Wrap. We have three options of exterior siding: Everlast Advanced Composite Siding (standard), James Hardie Board Siding, and LP SmartLap Siding.

Everlast Advanced Composite Siding

Everlast Horizontal Lap Siding produces the classic American rough-sawn cedar clapboard aesthetic. Plus, choose from a beautiful palette of timeless colors. All of Everlast’s deep, rich colors feature our UV-stable acrylic polymer for superior fade resistance in any climate. This acrylic cap is molecularly-fused to the substrate and embossed with authentic cedar grain to create beautiful, scientifically-advanced siding that cannot fade or rot, and will never need to be painted or caulked. Ever.


Experience the Ultimate Peace-of-Mind with the Everlast Limited Lifetime Warranty
For homeowners, Everlast has a best-in-category Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner with a 100% replacement guarantee*. Upon ownership change, the warranty may be transferred to the new owner(s) as a Fifty (50) Year Prorated Warranty.

* Warrants against excessive color change, peeling, flaking, cracking, rusting, blistering, and corroding.


Everlast’s innovative triple-composite process yields the most advanced siding material in the industry. Wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and other composites are no match because, despite costly required maintenance, you’ll find these alternatives still fade and deteriorate over time. Everlast lasts, for life.

Naturally water resistant, Everlast contains no wood fibers which can lead to warping and cracking, and contains no organic material that can rot or be attacked by wood-boring insects. It offers superior wind, hail, and impact resistance, and will not support combustion, making it the longest lasting siding product in the industry.

James Hardie Board HardiePlank Lap Siding

James Hardie Board is one of our optional siding upgrades. Classic shades—engineered with long-lasting ColorPlus® Technology—will make a statement that resonates for generations. The tried and true colors of James Hardie’s Statement Collection™ products were designed for every home. They’re our most popular hues. And they are readily available in your region.

James Hardie Board offers homeowners a 30 year limited warranty on its products.

Hardie Board is available in Boothbay Blue, Cobblestone, Timber Bark, Khaki Brown, Mountain Sage, Evening Blue, and Gray Slate.

LP® SmartSide® Siding

LP® SmartSide® products feature engineered wood strand technology that offers superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites.

This product has a 5/50 Year Limited Warranty.

Prefinished LP Smart Lap Siding is available in White, Alder, Barn Wood, Ceder, and Silver Ash.


Roof Mart APR Roofing

Roof Mart’s ARP panels are primarily used for residential homes and structures. The lower profile ribs make for a more pleasing and less commercial appearance.

This product has a ____ warranty.

The roof color options are Ash Gray, Black, Brite Red, Burgundy, Burnished Slate, Charcoal, Clay, Copper Penny, Country Red, Forest Green, Galvalume, Hawaiian Blue,  Ivory, Ivy Green, Light Stone, Polar White, Regal Blue, Sahara Tan, and Tudor Brown.

Porch Railing

Residential PVC: Simple but effective aluminum rail guarantees durable construction and an enduring style. Available in white, aluminum rail is low maintenance, and has a sleek design that will complement or accent any porch, deck or balcony.

Xpanse offers a limited lifetime warranty coverage. Barrette Outdoor Living warrants that its aluminum railing products (“Product”) will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the warranty period. This limited warranty is valid beginning on the date of Product purchase.

Metal Railing: Traditional timeless style meets incredible strength making it a perfect choice for both residential and commercial installations.

Xpanse offers a 15 year limited warranty covers single-family residential properties only. This limited warranty extends to the original purchaser and one  individual transferee.


Our interior walls are made of 1×6 Nordic Spruce V-Joint Tongue & Groove with 2″x4″ studs. There is an optional upgrade to 1×8 Nickel Gap interior walls. The walls are sealed natural wood and have 3 color options: Whitewash, Graywash, and Painted White.

Interior Trim

We offer hand painted interior trim options in 3 colors. The interior wall trim is sealed natural wood with 5 color options: Dark Walnut, Whitewash, Graywash, White, and Victorian Pewter.

Water Heaters

We offer 3 water heater options. The 20 Gallon Low Boy Electric Water Heater is standard in 8 of our homes. The Eemax Tankless Electric Water Heater is the standard in 3 of our homes, and is an option for the other 8 models. We also offer a Rinnai Tankless Gas Water Heater that requires propane or natural gas.

Air Conditioning

Our homes come with Gree 9,000 BTU Ductless Mini-Split Indoor Air Handlers. Depending on the size of the home, they’re equipped with a Gree 18,000 BTU Ductless Outdoor Heat Pump or. Gree 24,000 BTU Ductless Outdoor Heat Pump (requires 200 AMP Power Panel). The AirShare Transfer Grille is standard in 4 of our homes, and is an optional add-on in 7 of them.


We have 5 color options for our cabinets:


Our main floor comes with linoleum in the color of your choice: Driftwood or Lime Oak. The Loft comes with standard carpet in Russet Brown, but can be upgraded to linoleum to match the main floor.


Capturing the texture of wood, slate, and ceramic tile through advanced photographic technology that offers unrivaled depth and clarity, Beauflor® brings beauty and style to every room of the house. Customers will also love how the extra-grip, non-skid surface keeps their feet planted firmly on the floor. And unlike the hard surfaces it replicates, Beauflor®offers softness underfoot and superior sound absorption.

Flooring can take a lot of abuse over its lifetime, and it starts during the installation process. Resilient flooring needs to be pulled tight across the platform of a manufactured home, which can lead to tearing — and there’s always the possibility of damage from tool or equipment drops. But in a series of independent tests, Beauflor® has been proven to resist scratches and puncturing, and can take tension without tearing. With Beauflor®, installers can put the product into place with complete confidence, and customers can be assured their flooring will last.

Along with withstanding impacts and abrasions, Beauflor® resists staining from spills—a benefit that’s particularly important to families with children and pets. Rain and snow are often tracked indoors as well, penetrating flooring and creating odor-causing mold and mildew underneath, which can pose a serious health hazard. But Beauflor® is water resistant, keeping flooring dry beneath the surface. That’s not all; Beauflor® is resistant to cold cracking, so it stays strong when conditions are frigid outside the home.

You put a lot of time and effort into building better manufactured homes, and a quality carpet can be the finishing touch that makes all the difference. But you don’t want to just cover your flooring—you want to enhance it.

Syntec’s superior colorfast and stain-resistant polyester carpeting is one of the finest products designed for the manufactured home market. With proper maintenance and cleaning, our carpets retain their color, even when they come into contact with common chloride-based household products.


What makes our carpeting so strong? It’s outfitted with Enhancetec™, our exclusive, state-of-the-art fiber that gets its unparalleled strength through a twisting, heat-setting, and tufting process—without the need for any chemicals.


We offer 7 window sizes in our homes. The color options are White and Clay. The windows are all double pane with an optional grid. The standard sizes vary by floor plan, and can be found in the features section on each model. Below, you will find a sample of how our windows look on one of our models.

Kitchen Options

Counter Tops


Cullman Cabinet & Supply Co. warrants to purchasers of our countertops that the product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty applies only to countertops that are properly installed and under normal use and wear.

Any of the following circumstances shall void the above warranty:

  1. Damage due to improper installation
  2. Damage to countertops after company delivery
  3. Damage due to moisture
  4. Damage due to improper cleaners or chemicals
  5. Damage due to excessive heat ( over 250 degrees )

Any countertop when returned to Cullman, and under examination is determined to be defective in material or workmanship, shall be replaced by the manufacturer (Cullman) provided that Cullman is notified in writing no later than one year from the date of purchase. Cullman Cabinet and Supply Co. Inc shall only be responsible for the replacement or repair of the returned item.


We offer 3 color options for appliances: Stainless Steel, Black, and White.

Sinks and Faucets

Tub and Shower

Sky Porch