Tiny Home Living: Your Holiday Decor Guide

The holiday season is in full swing and holiday decor is filling the shelves of your local department store. Decorating may look a bit different in a tiny home, but it’s still possible to be festive in your small space. How do you decorate for the holiday season? We’re here to help. Here are your tiny space living decor tips and tricks.

Tiny Trees

Choose small decor. Tiny living may mean downsizing your decor, literally. Whether your cut down on the size or the amount, tiny homes don’t offer enough space for the decorations your large house likely boasted. Mini trees are a perfect way to decorate without taking up too much space. Plus, you can choose how many trees you put up in your tiny home. Opt for one on a table or scatter them throughout your house for holiday cheer, sure to please your visitors.


Wreaths are a perfect choice to show your holiday cheer year round.

You can either purchase or DIY a wreath to match whatever holiday you’re choosing to celebrate. Wreaths look great on the door and/or porch of your tiny home. Show your neighbors that you’re in the holiday spirit by opting for this decoration.

Festive Lights

Lights are a fun way to decorate the inside and outside of your home.

They don’t take up much space and the possibilities are endless. Whether you string them along your porch or wrap them around a tree, festive lights are a must have when decorating. Opt for battery powered lights to save your electricity.

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses may be the perfect holiday decoration. They’re fun to build, delicious to eat, and only take up a small amount of counter space. Decorate your gingerbread house to match your favorite holiday, or design it to look like your tiny house. Whether you opt to decorate it to match your tiny home or not, we want to see your gingerbread houses. Share your gingerbread houses Stone Canyon Homes by using #SCHGingerbread on social media.


We featured them in our fall decor guide, but candles are still a perfect way to decorate in your tiny home. Whether you’re a peppermint, holiday cookie, or fresh pine lover, you’re bound to find a holiday candle that you love. Candles and wax melts can quickly fill your tiny home with holiday cheer.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Stone Canyon Homes!

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